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Heather Buchanan, Chief Executive for the UK’s Bankers for Net Zero chapter talks about the imperative for meeting NetZero and serving people well

Heather Buchanan Co-Founder of the UK’s Bankers for Net Zero talks to Force for Good about the imperative to meet NetZero goals and still serve customers well

Brief Profile:

Heather is the CEO and Co-founder of the UK’s Bankers for NetZero chapter, leading a coalition of banks, businesses, and policymakers that aims to align the UK banking sector with the net-zero emissions target by 2050.

Heather has over ten years of experience in leading and advising organizations that drive positive social and environmental impact, with expeience in policy development, stakeholder engagement, and strategic partnerships.

Heather Buchanan is the Director of Policy for the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking where she sets the strategic focus of the group and has 7 years’ worth of experience successfully working in the UK Parliament advocating for positive change on behalf of small business. She regularly advises MPs, peers, Government departments, regulators, trade bodies and civil society on the commercial relationships between businesses and their lenders. The work of the Group, in conjunction with other key stakeholders, led to the expansion of the remit of the Financial Ombudsman Service and the creation of the The Business Banking Resolution Service. Heather was on the Steering Committee of the BankingFutures project and has also contributed to the Lending Standards Board Standards of Lending Practice for Business Customers.

She also serves as an Advisory Board Member at Rewired Earth, a nonprofit organization that leverages technology and innovation to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and circular economy. And is the Chief Executive Officer of The Athena Foundation