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Glenn Gaffney, former Director of Science and Technology at the CIA, an American ‘Q’

“I spent 31 years in the US intelligence community, almost all of that doing science and technical analysis or tech development, developing new capabilities and being able to bring them forward into the into the foreign field to collect intelligence … and as the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for collection, which had oversight over the communities’ collection operations,” Glenn Gaffney.

Glenn Gaffney talks to Force for Good about the big changes that will “fundamentally change the way we think and live and operate on the planet”.

n a wide-ranging discussion packed into half an hour, he talks about the launch of the Force for Good report on how technology as a force for good … climate change, the “huge geopolitical cost consequence of poverty and mass migration”, the need for “strategic interdependence” and the need to build trust and “load share” to solve the mounting global challenges, why he believes “information, science, technology is the thing that will address most of these challenges” and why there's no future economy without it. He explains why “AI is critical … It's collecting data, it's evaluating its environment and the input that it's getting all the time. And it is making a set of decisions” and how this is an opportunity and a planetary level security challenge with “undesirable, unwanted, significant geopolitical consequences”.

Brief Profile:

Glenn Gaffney served in the US Intelligence Community for 31 years. His government service included senior positions as the Director of Science and Technology for the Central Intelligence Agency, the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Collection, and the Associate Director of CIA for Talent. Throughout his career he led new endeavours in technology development, operations, and analysis to address critical national security challenges for the US and our allies.

Prior to joining NobleReach, he served as EVP and Senior Fellow of In-q-Tel – a strategic investor in ready soon technology benefiting both the economy and national security.

He has since been Chief Strategy Officer for The NobleReach Foundation, a nonprofit foundation bringing the speed and impact of innovation to scale and purpose, fuelling economic growth and strengthening national security. This involves working across academia, industry, and government to connect top talent to emerging opportunities in technology, science, and innovation. The goal is to inspire a commitment to public service and build a sustainable pipeline of talent and innovation by bringing together talent and partner organizations’ work to transform critical research and innovations into viable businesses and market-ready products that fuel America’s economic growth and strengthen its national security.