The Force for Good Initiative's mission is to mobilise the deployment of capital as a force for good in the world at a time of profound and multi-dimensional change in the world. The initiative engages the world's leading financial institutions and other stakeholders with a view to impacting sustainable development through the deployment of capital and solutions that address the world's greatest issues and build a better future.

The Force for Good Initiative engages key stakeholders, conducts research, publishes thought leadership and has an active outreach program to major global financial institutions as well as development banks, NGOs and other stakeholders with the potential to act as a force for good in the world. The initiative works with major institutions to accelerate their efforts to tackle increasingly complex and interrelated challenges like climate change, social inclusion and sustainable development in the spirit of encouraging collaboration and spurring a race to the top in making an impact for good in the world.

The Force for Good Initiative is a project of the F4G Foundation, a non-profit limited liability company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales.