The world has both the capital and the solutions to substantially deliver on the goals, and even to materially exceed them in some places, despite not being on track to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals by their 2030 target. Our report focuses on the solutions and initiatives that can close the gap and deliver human security for all in a world fraught with a dangerous transition to the future.

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The international event regarding how India's financial inclusion technology stack has delivered half a billion bank accounts in India and how it can help the world achieve mass financial inclusion as India, during its G20 presidency, offers this technology to the rest of the world, hosted by Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj, Permanent Representative of India to the UN, in the UN ECOSOC Chamber, New York, 4th May 2023

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Technology could be the deciding factor in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and in delivering human security for all. The ‘Capital as a Force for Good report described the seemingly insurmountable gap of up to US$135 trillion needed to fund the SDGs. Technology can change that equation and today’s technologists are at least as bold, innovative and resourceful as those that took man from agriculture to industrialization.

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At the mid-point of their 2030 target date, the world is not on track to meet the SDGs, with a shortfall in funding estimated at US$102-135 trillion, due to the many crises in the world. The global effort to fund the goals has been undermined by a series of threats to national and global security, with governments reallocating attention and resources away from long-term sustainability to managing pressing near-term risks. As a result, the goals are moving further away despite the timeline to achieving them shortening, with a widening funding gap.

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We have selected a number of focus initiatives that lie at the intersection of SDGs that are underserved, have the potential to have a magnified impact on the other SDGs, where scalable solutions exist and where a significant impact could be made to a major issue

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